ATC: ADD ATTENDEE @ fieldname value;

This command adds an attendee to the current document (and the Attendees tab if it is visible) and sets the named fields to the value specified. Multiple fieldname and values pairs can be specified, separated by semicolons.

  • @ is optional but, if specified, must be first. It copies the current row from a FOR EACH loop; fields in the FOR EACH command are matched by name to the new attendee.
  • fieldname is required and can be any fieldname in the DocMeetingAttendee table. The table name is not required.
  • value is required and can include $ variables or bookmarks.  Bookmarks must be within square brackets.

Note: after this command, you can use TargetRow to reference the new attendee.


ATC: ADD ATTENDEE UserKey [DKEY_DocHeader_EditUser]; IsPresent 1

The above example means “add the current user as an attendee and mark them present.”
Note:  you should check if the current user is already an attendee.

ATC: QUERY qParties
ATC: FOREACH qParties BY UserKey WITH Present; 
   ATC: SET TargetRow.Note = Auto-added

The above example means “run the qParties query (set up separately in the QueryConfig rule) to get a list of names. For each name that has the IsPresent flag, add that name to the document’s attendees, then set a note to the attendee row that it was auto-added.”
Note: The query in this example was constructed to return field names such as UserKey and IsPresent.

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