ATC: STATUS statuscode

This command sets the status code on the current document to the value specified.  This command is the same as ATC: SET STATUS =

  • statuscode is required. It specifies the value of the Status Code. This value is stored in xsfDocHeader.status; no validation is performed until the next SAVE.
  • Status Codes are set up through the Code Maintenance tool. Examples of codes might be:
    • O = Open
    • C = Closed
    • A = Approved
    • X = Canceled
    • OB = Out for Bid
    • BB = Bid Back



The above example means “make the status equal to Canceled.”

Important Note:  Avoid using workflow embedded in a route sequence “to Spitfire” to change the document status to special statuses that require validation (such as committed or approved).  These workflows are triggered AFTER the user has sent the document on and any failure will not return the document to the user.

Last updated: September 1, 2020 at 21:59 pm;