ATC: SETHTML tablename.fieldname = new-value

This command is similar to the ATC: SET command but maintains any HTML formatting of the text value expressed in the command. The text editor within the Workflow Script tool supports HTML formatting.

  • tablename is optional; however, if it is omitted, the Document Header (DocMasterDetail) is assumed. It specifies the target of the assignment. You can use @ to reference the current row in a FOREACH loop or TargetRow to reference a recent row manipulated by another command such as ATC: ADD COMMENT or ATC: ADD ITEM.
  • . (period) is required only if tablename is specified. It separates tablename from the fieldname.
  • fieldname is required. It specifies the field in tablename to receive the value.
  • = (equal sign) is required.
  • new-value is required. It specifies a value to be stored for the field. The value can include one or more nested Word Template bookmarks. Square brackets are required around bookmarks.


ATC: SETHTML DocRevision.NoteA = 
     Please send your response to the Attention of [DocHeader_FromUser].

The above example means “in the Note A field, include the text Please send your response to the Attention of the ‘From User’, and keep the text formatting as shown.”

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