Attachments from the Spitfire Catalog

Both files and documents that are part of the Spitfire Catalog can be attached to a particular document through the Attach to Doc window.

To attach a Catalog file or document to your document:

  1. On the Attachments tab, click Attach a previously cataloged file. The Attach to Doc window will appear.
  2. Use the filters or use the folder tree to locate the documents and files you want to attach to your document. The files on your project will be listed by default.
    Note: The filters are the same as those that appear on the Catalog Dashboard and the resulting document and files lists are similar.
  3. Click either Attach at the line item of each document or file you want to attach or click Attach All to attach all files/documents currently listed.

    The selected attachments will appear on the list at the top of the window.
  4. When you have attached the files and documents you want, click OK. Your attachments will appear at the grid of the Attachments tab.

Note: Documents are saved automatically when you add attachments.