August 2018 – Contacts: Beyond the Basics

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Contacts: Beyond the Basics

You may know the basics about Contacts, such as how to create a contact record for a new company or person. But did you know that, whether you are integrated with an accounting system or use Spitfire standalone, there is so much more to know about Contacts? Do you have questions about lesser-known functionality, or do you need a refresher on how some pieces (roles, team members, etc.) work together? We thought it was high time we revisited this topic!

In this webinar, we bring you up-to-date on Contact-related functionality, propose best practices for maintaining your Contacts and show you some “did you know?” tips.

In this webinar, we go over

  • Best practices for new Contacts
  • When to use global roles and when to use project-specific roles
  • How information flows from team to Contact Details
  • How to deal with certain special Contact circumstances
  • And more!