KBA-01744: Upgrading to a New Version of sfPMS


I would like to have our site(s) upgraded to a newer version of the Spitfire Project Management System.

What do I need to know? Is there something I need to do to prepare when planning a version upgrade?



Cost of the upgrade is covered by one or two of your prepaid support incident (cases) in your maintenance agreement. We charge separate cases for upgrading test sites and live sites.

How Long It Takes

Typically the upgrade takes less than half an hour.


Because no one can be in the system during an upgrade, we typically schedule an upgrade for 10 PM (Eastern) on a weeknight [for test sites only] or 3 PM (Eastern) on a Sunday.  Note: if scheduling for a Sunday, we will want access from Friday around noon (to confirm the connection and confirm the SQL backup and disk space, etc.).  Contact Support to schedule a specific date.


  • We require access to the SQL and IIS servers via RDP or equivalent (Citrix, logmein, VPN first, etc.)
  • The SQL server must have adequate space to store a timely backup.


  • A test site should be refreshed from the current production data (DSL and sfPMS).
  • The upgrade should be run first on this fresh test site.
  • The upgrade of the live site should not be scheduled until you have had time to review key processes on the test site (at least one week).

Upgrade Process

  • We start by verifying a viable backup. If one is not found, we create one.
  • We upgrade your site.
  • We review the Upgrade Considerations list and make any applicable and agreed-upon configuration changes.
  • We send a confirmation email.

Change Information

Familiarity with changes increases your ROI and reduces frustration.  Please read the latest What’s New in Spitfire.  You can also search for the webinar about the version.  Search for webinar V201(for example, webinar V2017).


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