Bookmarks for Contacts and Addresses

To add contact information into a Bookmark Template, determine how the link to the contact is made: Document Level or Project Level.

Document Level The contact information is pulled from a field on a document header, address tab, or items tab.
Project Level The contact information is pulled from the document’s Project ID and the role assigned to the Team Member.


Document Level

The following two images display the three contact fields on the Document Header and the one contact field on the Items tab.

DocHeader_SourceContact The first Contact Lookup field in the Document Header. Depending upon its use, this is usually the Vendor or the Customer. For example, on Project Setup Doc Types, it’s usually a Customer, and on Commitments, it’s usually a Vendor.
DocHeader_OwnerApprover The second Contact Lookup field is often hidden on many documents., and this is used primarily on documents that require approval by an external contact.
DocHeader_ResponsibleParty The third Contact Lookup is Responsible Party, and this field is usually used for the internal approver or the internal employee responsible for this document.
DocItem_Responsible Party The Responsible Party field on each Item tab uses this bookmark and usually with the RR_ (repeat row) prefix.

Depending on the Document, the labels on these fields many be different, but as far as bookmarks go, the field in the table determines the name used for the bookmark; therefore, while the labels may change, the bookmark names remain the same.

The bookmarks listed above are limited to the contact’s name, but to pull the contact’s mailing address, e-mail address, and/or phone number, use the xxxADDR_ data format.

The table below lists the available types of xxxADDR_ data formats that pull data directly from the document.

From the Document Header

SrcConAddr_ Source Contact
ExtApprAddr_ Owner Approver
RPartyAddr_ Responsible Party


From the Address Tab on the Document

FromAddr_ “From” address
ToAddr_ “To” address
ShipAddr_ “Ship To” address
ProjectAddr_ Project address (Site Address)

Project Level

Contacts from the Project Team List are available for bookmarks through the document’s Project ID and the role assigned to the Team Member for the Project.

See Bookmark Prefixes for Contact Information

From the Project Setup document for the Project

ProjectAddr_ Site address from Project Setup document
ProjectCompanyAddr_ Address for the Company Division (from System Admin Dashboard) that is indicated on the Project Setup Division field.
ProjectCustomerAddr_ Customer on Project Contract
PSTxAddr_ Other address from the Project Setup document. For example, Project Setup’s To Address would be PSTTAddr_


xxxAddr_ Alias Fields

Each of the aliases in the form xxxAddr_ (such as ProjectAddr_ PMAddr_ etc) include the following fields, for example xxxAddr_ContactProject

  • AddrType — From, To, Site, PM, Super, etc (often matches the xxx in xxxAddr)
  • SourceType — Where the address was resolve (D for Doc/Team, P for project)
  • UserKey — Generic reference to the user, can be combined with all the format prefixes (eg DADD_)
  • Person — Individual Name
  • Company — Company
  • AddrBlock — Same as DADD_xxxAddr_UserKey
  • Addr1 — First line of address
  • Addr2 — Second line of address
  • City — City
  • State — State (Abbreviation)
  • Zip — Zip
  • Phone — Same as DPHO_xxxAddr_UserKey
  • Fax, — Same as DFAX_xxxAddr_UserKey
  • Email — Same as DEML_xxxAddr_UserKey
  • ContactProject — From project team
  • RoleName — From project team
  • Title — Same as DTI_xxxAddr_UserKey

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