Adding Prefixes to Bookmarks

Purpose of Bookmark Prefixes

Adding prefixes to bookmark names allows you to

  • extract data not stored directly in the Document
  • format number and data fields
  • pull data from Contact records
  • repeat rows or columns

Descriptive Value

By adding the DV_ prefix, the text associated with the field will be extracted.

DocHeader_Project GC003
DV_DocHeader_Project Northern Lights Office Building

Tip: For a list of DV_ prefix bookmarks and how your data will appear, see KBA-01612.


Use the DM_ prefix to insert the “mask” for Project or Cost Code IDs. Masks determine how IDs are formatted, and they are established in the Mask Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.

DocHeader_Project GC003
DM_DocHeader_Project GC-003


Document Title

Use the DDT_ prefix to insert the the document title from a key (internal GUID), such as DocHeader_LinkedDocKey or DocRevision_csKey

DocHeader_LinkedDocKey blank because the system does not know what the key points to
DDT_DocHeader_LinkedDocKey This is the Title of the Document 


Plain Text

Use the FPT_ prefix if your bookmark source is an unlimited text field in which the text size and text color can be modified, but you only want plain text pulled into the bookmark target.


Install new window in east-facing wall.



Install new window in east-facing wall.

(includes ending paragraph break)

FPTT_DocRevision_Notes Install new window in east-facing wall.



Date fields can be formatted in a number of different ways by using the prefixes listed below. The examples below is May 23, 2017 as the example

Prefix Info Bookmark Result
Fd date Fd_DocHeader_DocDate 5/23/2017
FS_ date, time FS_DocHeader_DocDate 5/23/2017 1:00 PM
FG_ date, time FG_DocHeader_DocDate 5/23/2017 1:00:00 PM
FD_ day, date FD_DocHeader_DocDate Tuesday, May 23, 2017
FM_ month, date FM_DocHeader_DocDate May 23
FR_ day, date, time FR_DocHeader_DocDate Tues, 23 May 2017 13:00:00 GMT
FT_ all time info FT_DocHeader_DocDate 1:00:00 PM
FU_ day, date, time FU_DocHeader_DocDate Tuesday, May 23, 2017 1:00:00 PM
FY_ month, year FY_DocHeader_DocDate May, 2017
The two date prefixes below only return the “day” in Ordinal format:
FORD_ day in Ordinal FORD_DocHeader_DocDate 23rd
FORDW day in Ordinal Words FORDW_DocHeader_DocDate twenty-third

Tip:  Fd_ is the most commonly used prefix. FS_ and FG_ are very similar, but FS_ is sensitive to Microsoft Windows’ Control Panel Date Display preferences and does not include the time if it is midnight. FG_ is not influenced by the Control Panel and does include midnight.

Freeform Date

You can create freeform date prefixes that begin with an F and are followed by a combination of the elements listed below.
Note: The table uses the date Thursday, March 9, 2017, 4:05 PM.

Element Description Result
d date without leading zero 9
dd date with leading zero 09
ddd abbreviated day name Thu
dddd full day name Thursday
M month without leading zero 3
MM month with leading zero 03
MMM abbreviated month name Mar
MMMM full month name March
yy year without the century 17
yyyy year with century 2017
h hour on a 12-hour clock, no leading zero 4
hh hour on a 12-hour clock with leading zero 04
H hour on a 24-hour clock, no leading zero 16
HH hour on a 24-hour clock with leading zero 16
m minute without leading zero 5
mm minute with leading zero 05
t A for AM or P for PM P
tt AM/PM designation PM
b blank space (used to separate elements)  
x default date separator  (/ for US) /
c a comma ,
x default time separator (: for US) :

For example:

FMMMMbddcbyyyy_DocHeader_DocDate March 9, 2017
FMxdxyy_DocHeader_DocDate 3/9/17
FyyyybMMMbdd_DocHeader_DocDate 2017 Mar 09
FddxMMxyyyybhhXmmbtt_DocHeader_DocDate 03/09/2017 04:05 PM


There are several Number prefixes, and x represents the number of decimal places. If you omit the x variable, 2 decimal places are assumed. For whole integers, use 0 (zero) as the x variable. [V2020+] On certain prefixes, you can include a Z between the F and the next prefix letter if you want a blank to show up when the amount is zero (0).

Prefix Info Bookmark Result
currency FC_DocItem_OriginalQuote $1,000.00
(blank if amount is 0)
numbers with commas FN0_DocItem_OriginalQuote

(blank if amount is 0)


numbers without commas FF1_DocItem_OriginalQuote

(blank if amount is 0)

FDTX_ write out numbers
See WordTemplateConfig FDTXCents and FDTXDollars
FDTX_DocItem_OriginalQuote One thousand and zero/100
FNTX_ write out numbers, no dollar check format FNTX_DocItem_OriginalQuote One thousand
format numbers and percentages FP1_DocItem_OriginalQuote 8.1%
(blank if amount is 0)

Note: The DV_ prefix can be combined with a number prefix (no underscore between them) if needed.
Note: If using the RR_ prefix, it comes before the F prefix.