KBA-01612: Using the DV_ Prefix Template to Determine Template Output

Purpose & Scope:

Certain templates used in sfPMS are in Microsoft Word and use bookmarks to merge data from Spitfire documents with other static text and graphics to produce file output. Bookmarks are explained and listed in the Focus on Bookmark (Doc) Templates guide. The guide also talks about DV_ prefixes, but does not make clear where DV_ prefixes are allowed but not required, are required for any data to appear, or change the output that will be displayed.

We now offer the List of DV prefix bookmarks  template that you can use to see how your data will appear when you use (or not use) the DV_ prefix on applicable bookmarks.



  1. Download the template from the link above.
  2. Use the Template tool in Spitfire to upload the template as an Attachment template. You can make this template available for all Doc types by leaving the Doc Type field on the Templates tool blank. (For more information about uploading templates, see the Focus on the Manage Dashboard guide.)
  3. Open the document you want to investigate.
  4. Create a file from the Attachment template. Remember to select the List of DV prefix bookmarks template.
  5. View the file to find the bookmarks of interest to you. You will notice that some bookmarks that accept the DV_ prefix don’t require it, while others do.
  6. Close the file. You can delete it from the Attachments Options menu once you no longer need it.

KBA-01612; Last updated: September 19, 2017 at 9:23 am