KBA-01611: Linking sfPMS Site to Acumatica Company


How does my sfPMS site know which company to integrate with in my Acumatica site?


Use XTS Configuration in ICTool:

Acumatica Company Link


  1. In Acumatica, select SYSTEM on the top bar.
  2. Under SYSTEM, select Management on the second bar.
  3. Select Companies from the left menu and identify the company ID.
  4. In ICTool, select the XTS tab.
  5. Select the XTS Setup tab.
  6. Click the EditXTS Config button.
  7. Find the LinkToCompany row and update the ID.
  8. SAVE!
  9. Close the EDIT XTS Window and republish the sfPMS site.

Additional Comments:

You must republish after making this change.

KBA-01611; Last updated: September 19, 2017 at 11:20 am 
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