Changing the Subtotal Criteria in the SOV Workbook


Our SOV workbook was set up with subtotal rows. I just noticed that the first subtotal criteria is wrong and therefore summing up the wrong rows. I tried to click on the correct cell in the Subtotal Criteria column in order to change it, but the SOV workbook would not let me. Is there a way to change the criteria?


Yes. Assuming that your SOV workbook is still In Process, you can change the criteria for any subtotal row in the following manner:

  1. Right-click on the subtotal criteria cell.
  2. Change the criteria then click OK. For example:
  3. Select the appropriate location for the special rows in the next dialog box that appears, then click OK.
  4. Back in the SOV workbook, ensure that the criteria has changed, and the summed amount is now correct.