Creating and Approving a Vendor CCO Document

You can create a Vendor CCO document at any time after the corresponding Vendor Commitment’s status has been set to Committed. A project (and a Vendor Commitment) can have multiple Vendor CCOs. There are three ways to create a Vendor CCO:

From the Project Dashboard – use this method when the Vendor CCO does not require a change to the Project contract nor is the result of a Vendor RFQ.

From an Awarded Vendor RFQ that was linked to a Vendor Commitment – use this method when changes to a Vendor Commitment begin with a Vendor RFQ leading to the Vendor CCO. Information from the Vendor RFQ will be copied to the Vendor CCO.

From within a Customer Change Order – use this method when a change to the Vendor Commitment also causes a change to the Project contract.

To create a Vendor CCO document from the Project Dashboard:

  1. From the Project Dashboard, select Vendor CCO from the Documents list, and click Add.
  2. In Commitment, enter or lookup the commitment to link to.
    Note: Only Vendor Commitments with a Status of Committed will appear in the lookup.
  3. On the Details tab, change the Title to something more specific/descriptive.
  4. On the Items tab, from the Items Actions menu either Add New Items or Get Existing Items from the Vendor Commitment (see KBA-01459 for more information).
  5. Add other information to the document as needed.
  6. Either route the document to another user or Save and Close the document.

You can reopen the document as need to make changes.

Note: Budget-related validations (such as Limit to Budget, Prevent Negative Remaining, and similar conditions) are checked when saved as Pending.

To approve a Vendor CCO:

  1. Open the Vendor COO document to be approved.
  2. Lookup a Vendor Approver.
  3. Lookup an Internal Approver.
  4. Change the Status to Approved.
  5. Save the document.

Once the document is approved, the expense amount of CCO Items will be reflected on the corresponding Commitment’s Detail tab.

Statuses for Vendor CCOs

When the Vendor CCO is first created, the Status drop-down offers the following: In Process, Canceled, Pending
When a Vendor CCO is Canceled, it is closed and cannot be changed.
Once you set the Vendor CCO Status to Pending, the Vendor CCO becomes read only, new line items are added to the Commitment, and the Status drop-down menu changes: In Process, Approved, Canceled, Committed, Pending
While the document is Pending, you can change the status back to In Process to edit it.
Canceled, Committed, and Approved are final status closing the document, and it cannot be edited.