CSI Codes for Vendors

Spitfire has long allowed you to associate CSI codes with your vendors. This association allows you to filter and find vendors (subcontractors) by disciplines in certain lookups (see KBA-01282). Also, a column of CSI codes for vendors appears on the Contacts Dashboard so you can filter on a specific code there too.

The CSI Maintenance Tool

You can open the CSI Maintenance tool from either the Manage or the System Admin Dashboard. There you can add any number of codes with descriptions. While these codes can be actual CSI codes, they need not be, if you prefer to identify your vendors’ discipline or specialty through other company-established codes.

Company Detail | CSI Tab

You can associate one or more CSI codes with a particular vendor.

  1. Go to the Contacts Dashboard and select Companies view.
  2. Open the Company Detail for the vendor.
  3. Go to the CSI tab and add one or more CSI codes for the vendor, then save.

Contacts Dashboard

Once CSI codes have been added to your vendor companies, you can see this information on the Contact List on the Contacts Dashboard. When you filter by Vendors Only, a CSI column appears.


You can sort and filter on this column through the column drop-down menu. Type one or more numbers of your CSI code to get a list off all vendors with CSI codes that start with those numbers.

201610-filter-on-csi201610-filter-on-csi-resultsNote: in the example above, Margie and Sons and the related Margie Smith and Malcolm Smith appear because they are associated with several CSI codes, including 16000.