KBA-01818: When Is It Safe to Poke a Status Back?


Because of user error, we sometimes find ourselves asking Spitfire Support to “poke” a document status back to what it was before.  Sometimes Support does this and sometimes Support tells us that they cannot do so.  How can we tell if a status is one that can be poked back or not?


The primary reason why we cannot poke a status back to what it was before is because Spitfire integrates with accounting systems and the amounts on both Spitfire and the accounting system need to always be in sync.  Amounts are posted when certain statuses on documents are saved.  Changing the status after that will not change anything in the accounting side.

Use the following questions to help you determine if a status can be poked back.

  1. Is your site integrated with an accounting system?
    1. If no, it is safe to poke the status on every document.
    2. If yes, continue with question #2.
  2. Is the Doc type one that posts in your accounting system (e.g., Project Setup, Budget, Commitment, (Owner or Commitment) Change Order, Forecast, Pay Request, Pay Application) ?
    1. If no, it is safe to poke the status on the document.
    2. If yes, continue with question #3.
  3. Is the status currently Cancelled or Completed (or equivalent)?
    1. If yes, it is safe to poke the status back, but only to the status prior to Cancelled or Completed.
    2. If no, continue with question #4.
  4. Is the status currently Approved or Invoiced (or equivalent)?
    1. If yes,
      1. we cannot poke the status (see exceptions below). If the Doc type offers the option to “Reverse” on the document’s drop-down menu, you may choose to do so. Otherwise, you will need to adjust the amounts on this document by creating another document of the same Doc type and then approving/invoicing the new document.
      2. [Exception 1] Did someone intervene and intercept or prevent the corresponding action in accounting?  If so, Support will ask for written confirmation of this exceptional situation.  It may then be possible to escalate your ticket for manual review.
      3. [Exception 2] Was your document approved without Items and with no amount of money (i.e., $0.00)? If so, it is safe to poke the status on the document.
    2. If no, continue with question #5
  5. Is the status currently Committed (or equivalent)?
    1. If yes, we cannot poke the status. You need to either create a change order to adjust the Committed amount, or if it is early enough in the project, use the Uncommit Project option on the Project Setup document in order to set its status back to In Process.

If you have further questions, contact Support.

KBA-01818; Last updated: June 12, 2023 at 12:25 pm;