Dashboards Overview

A Dashboard is a collection of Parts grouped together for a specific purpose. To move to a Dashboard, click on the corresponding Dashboard tab.

Dashboard Purpose
Home Groups your Inbox, Projects, and Watchdog Alerts into one user-specific page. You can open a Project Dashboard from the Project List.
Note: A number in parentheses appears on the tab if there are new, unopened documents in the Home Inbox.
Catalog Groups all the files scanned or uploaded into the system and provides search capabilities on both these files and Spitfire documents.
Contacts Groups Contacts and Companies in your system.
Plan Room Groups documents of selected Doc Types. This tab may be the only tab in the system for certain users, like contractors.
Executive Groups all project financials and provides access to the Project Dashboards. Information can be exported to Excel.
Manage Groups management tasks, such as creating predefined routes, managing alert subscriptions, and importing CSI Codes.
System Admin Groups administrative tasks such as defining roles, creating catalog folder hierarchy, system customization, etc. Few users have access to this dashboard.
Project Groups all the data for one project, This tab appears only after you open a Project Dashboard from the Home Dashboard or Executive Dashboard.

Note: If you do not have permission to access a specific dashboard, its tab will not appear.