Default Project on Reports

Request: I’d like to have the reports from the Report Browser default to the project that I’m currently working on, based on the Project Dashboard that I have open and active.

We have added the requested functionality through one of the options on the My Settings window.

Normally, when you open a report from the Report Browser, the Project filter contains the wildcard %, which means “all projects.”

Sometimes, you need to specify one project for the report and we understand that often that would be “the project I’m working on,” so we added a way to have the Project ID already filled in when you open a report.

To turn this feature on:

  1. Select My Settings from your Options menu.
  2. Click the Track Project checkbox.
  3. Close the My Settings window. The Project filter will thereafter be filled in with your currently active project when you open a report.

See Spitfire Reports for general information about reports and the Report Browser.

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