Google Login Privacy

We take your privacy seriously – we just want to make it easier for you to log in from your devices!

When you use your Google Account to log into an sfPMS site, we only access:

  • Your name and ID – that we store as part of the account pairing
  • The email address associated with the Google Account – but we do not use it for anything.  
  • The Profile picture associated with the Google Account – and we may display it as part of your sfPMS profile, but you can disable this from My Settings.

The first time you use your Google Account you will likely also have to log into sfPMS so that the two accounts can be linked.  This is a one time connection, but you can unlink using My Settings.

Other than the link to your profile picture, we:

  • do not store, access or use anything from your Google Account.
  • do not post or share anything to your Google Account.
  • do not access any of your Google contacts, circles or media