Email Alerts by Address Report

This report lists email routees whose emails have not been sent (due to no email address or email being bounced back, etc.)

Email Alerts by Address
Email Alerts by Address2

Note: although the image above does not show the Output drop-down, you can select an output method (PDF/Excel/CSV) for this report.


  • Alert To – the name of the person receiving alerts about undeliverable email.  You can select a specific person or keep the (any) default for all persons.
  • Show Example – whether or not to include messages returned by the server, such asEmail Alerts by Address3
  • Show Documents – whether  or not to include information about the documents being routed.
    Note: because this filter can slow down the creation of the report, we suggest that you use the Alert To filter along with Show Documents.


  • Name – the name of the via email routee.
  • Company – the company associated with the via email routee.
  • Address – the email address to which the document was routed.
  • Exceptions – the number of times an email did not reach the via email routee.
  • Period – the period of time (in days) during which email did not reach the routee.

If Show Documents filter is on:

  • When – the date on which the document was routed.
  • Document Title – the description, Project ID and Doc number of the document being routed.
  • SEQ – the Seq # of the via email routee.
  • Alerted – the person who received alerts about non-deliverable email.

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