Doc Type Code Sets Report

This report lists codes as established in the Code Maintenance tool for your Doc types.

DocType Code Set

Note: although the image above does not show the Output drop-down, you can select an output method (PDF/Excel/CSV) for this report.


  • Document Type – the Doc type.  You can select a specific Doc type or keep the default (all Doc Types) for all Doc types.
  • Set Name – the name of the Doc type-relevant code set.


  • Code – a) the name of the code set prefixed by either the word “Common” or the Doc type and b) the codes in the code set. Note: each code grouping is followed by the number of Doc types that share the code set and the number of codes in the set.
  • Description – the description of each code.
  • Next Set –  the name of another code set selected by the code.
  • Code Flag – whether (True) or not (False) there is a flag set for the code.
  • Active – whether (True) or not (False) the code is active.

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