Evaluated Conditions for the Forecast Data Entry Form

Multiple conditions are evaluated each time the Forecast Data Entry form loads a Cost Code and Account Category. Evaluated conditions are as follows:

  • Whether the selected line item is a Cost Code or Account Category
  • The Costing Method
  • Whether this Cost Code/Account Category is projected
  • The Cost Code/Account Category’s Threshold
  • Whether values exist for EAC, Actual + Committed, Units for CC and/or AC

Depending upon these conditions, the Forecast Data Entry form enables or disables specific fields and calculations.

Costing Method
There are three costing methods that govern the calculations used in the Spitfire Forecast:

  1. Cost Plus (CP) is a very straightforward projection. If budgeted, the Working FAC will be the greater of 1) EAC or 2) Actual-to-date. NO Gain/Loss is calculated for CP accounts.
  2. Fixed Price (FP) is the norm for most Project costs. It may include Cost Code Units of Production as well as Account Category units. Together they are used to generate production and productivity values. Gain/Loss calculations are based on EAC versus computed FAC values.
  3. Unit Price (UP) is handled similarly to FP up to 100% complete. Thereafter, the Gain/Loss calculations are based on the spread between the EAC Production Unit Rate and the FAC Production Unit Rate multiplied by the total production units at completion.