February 2019 – Tips for Fewer Clicks

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Tips for Fewer Clicks

It’s a fact: when you work in Spitfire, you spend a fair amount of time clicking your mouse. Click, click, click…it adds up!  Wouldn’t it be great (and time-saving) if Spitfire could do more of the work for you, so you wouldn’t have to click so often? Great news: yes, with some easy configurations, Spitfire CAN reduce your click fatigue!

In this webinar, offer many examples of configurations that you can utilize to reduce the number of mouse clicks in your workdays.  We show you how to

  • Set defaults in drop-downs
  • Sort columns by default
  • Establish a default Account Category for Items
  • Attach “always” documents by default
  • Streamline the creation of a document from another
  • And more…!