Showing Columns in the BFA Workbook


I want to show additional columns in my BFA workbook and I know to do that on the Setup sheet. However, when I try to change the “Show Column” option for these columns to Y, it doesn’t work. All I get is a message that says The cell or chart you’re trying to change is on a protected sheet. To make a change, unprotect the sheet. You might be requested to enter a password. Do I need to enter a password?


No, you do not need to enter a password. There are several reasons why that message may appear. One common reason is that you have a 0 (zero) as the Location for that column that you want to make visible. Columns with a location of zero are not allowed to be made visible.

In the image above you can see that many columns (CL, CM, CN, CO, CP, CQ, CS, CT, CU) have a Location of 0. In order for any of these columns to be shown, the column must have a Location number greater than 0. The Location number indicates where in the worksheet the particular column should be shown. For example, a Location of 12 in the Notes column will place Notes next to Cost Variance (which has a Location of 11).


  • As a good rule of thumb, set a Location before selecting a Show Column of Y.
  • Toggling the Show Column flag (Y/N) affects the Data sheet right away.  However, to see a column location change, you would need to save your preferences, close the workbook and then reopen the workbook.

For more information on The cell or chart you’re trying to change is on a protected sheet… message, see KBA-01679.