Forecast Summary Report

This report lists forecast summaries.

Forecast Summary

Note: although the image above does not show the Output drop-down, you can select an output method (PDF/Excel/CSV) for this report.


  • Project – the Project ID.  You can look up or type a specific project ID, or use the % mask for multiple projects.
  • Level – the level of detail for the report.  You can select Full Detail, Cost Code Summary or Project Summary.


  • Cost Code – a) the Project ID and b) the Cost Code for the forecast line.
  • Description – a) the description of the project and b) the description of the Cost Code and c) the description of the Account Category.
  • UOM – unit of measure, in code.
  • Contract – the project’s contract amount.
  • EAC Amount – the project’s budgeted estimate at completion amount.
  • EAC Units – the project budget’s estimate at completion units.
  • Actual – the project budget’s actual amount.
  • Committed – the project budget’s committed amount (according to Microsoft Dynamics for integrated sites).
  • FTC – the project budget’s forecast to completion amount.
  • FAC – the project budget’s forecast at completion amount.
  • Variance – the FAC minus EAC amount.

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