FAC Review Report

This report lists approved Forecasts that no longer match the posted forecast in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

FAC Review

Note: although the image above does not show the Output drop-down, you can select an output method (PDF/Excel/CSV) for this report.


  • Project – the Project ID.  You can look up or type a specific project ID, or use the % mask for multiple projects.
  • Category – the type of Forecast information for the report.  You can select Expense or Revenue.


  • Project – the Project for which there is a forecast.
  • Posted – the current posted amount.
  • Amount – the amount on the last forecast.
  • Net Difference – the last forecast amount minus the posted amount.
  • Manual Lines – the number of lines manually added to the forecast.
  • As Of – the date and time at which the most recent forecast was started (S) and approved (F).
  • Period – the fiscal period to which the forecast was posted.
  • Other Changes – the date and time on which changes to the forecast were made by Change Orders (CO) and Budget Revisions (BR).
  • Pending Forecasts – the number of pending forecasts.

At the end of the report, you will also find:

  • Issue – the issue being tracked.
  • Count – the number of incidents for the issue.

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