Document Items Report

This report lists document Items for a particular Doc type, grouped by project.

Document Items


  • Document Type – the Doc type.  This filter is required before you click the Run Report button.
  • Open/Closed – the state of the document.  You can select Open, Closed or Both.
  • Responsible – the person Responsible for the Item.  You can look up or type a person, or leave this blank for all persons.
  • Shop – the Item’s Shop field. You can select a Shop from the drop-down.
  • Due – the date range for when the document is/was due.  All dates are used until you click on the checkbox, at which point you can select or enter specific start and end dates.
  • Project – the Project ID.  You can look up or type a specific project ID, or use the % mask for multiple projects.
  • Show Remarks – whether or not the report should include Item remarks (with date, time and name stamp).
  • Output – where you want the report data. You can select Excel, Raw CSV or keep the Screen/PDF default.


  • Doc # – the document number of the document containing the Item.
  • Item – the Item number.
  • Description – the Item Description.
  • Note – the Item Remark.
  • Responsible – the Contact responsible for the Item.
  • Type – the Item Type in code.
  • Due – the Item’s Due date.
  • Completed – the Item’s Completed date.
  • Status – the Item status.

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