General Spitfire Dashboard Capabilities

Office-Integrated Dashboard (sfDash)

By default, sfPMS opens in a user’s default browser. Users who should be transferred automatically to the Spitfire Office Integrated dashboard from Internet Explorer need the following capability. (This capability has no effect on Spitfire opened in Chrome.)

SYS | Require Spitfire Dashboard (R)

  • R automatically transfers the user from Internet Explorer to the Office-Integrated Spitfire Dashboard (sfDash) upon login.

+ Tab



When a user logs into sfPMS, only those dashboards to which the user has access displays tabs. In order to see the + tab (used to open Project Dashboards) at the end of the tabs, the user requires the following capability. Note: this capability must be on a rule that is not limited to a certain project.

PART | User Project List (RIS)

  • R allows the user to view the Project List.
  • I allows the user to use the + tab to open a Project Dashboard by typing a Project ID or name.
  • S allows the user to create new projects through the icon that appears on the + tab.

In-Column Drop Down Menus

Users do not need permission to use the options on the in-column drop-down menu, except for Export Data.

SYS | Can export data from a grid drop down (R)

  • R allows the user to use the Export Data option from a drop-down menu.