How to Add Cost Codes After Initial BFA


Is there some way I can add Cost Codes to my project after my Initial Budget has been approved?


Yes. Cost Codes are generally added to a project through the Initial Budget’s BFA workbook. However, there are several places where you can add Cost Codes “on the fly” once your project is underway (provided you have the PART | Maintain Cost Codes capability with Insert permission in your role.)

From Your Project Dashboard:

  1. Open the Project Options menu on your Project Dashboard and select Cost Code Maintenance.
  2. The Cost Code Maintenance window will open. Click the “Add” icon.

    (For more information about the Cost Code Maintenance window, see the article Cost Code Maintenance from Jan. 1, 2016.)

Through a Commitment/Subcontract or CCO document (provided the document is not yet Committed/Approved):

  1. On the document, go to the Items tab.
  2. On a new or existing Item, click the “Add” icon at the Cost Code field.

Through a Self-Perform Budget Entry on a Change Item (provided the budget amount has not yet been posted/approved):

  1. On the Change Order document, go to the Items (CI) tab.
  2. Open the Budget Entries window for the Item.
  3. On a new or existing Self-Perform row, click the “Add” icon at the Cost Code field.

In All Three Places:

  • When you click the icon, fields based on the your site’s Cost Code mask will appear. These can be a combination of lookup and text fields, for example:

You Can Also Add a Cost Code through a Budget Revision:

  1. Open the BFA workbook from a revised Budget document.
  2. Select the Add Row option from the Budget ribbon.
  3. Click the Browse button in the Enter/Browse dialog box.
  4. Select an Account Category from the drop-down.
  5. Click the Add button.