June 2019 – Stop the Insanity!

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Stop the Insanity!

Spitfire users are only human. And as we all know, humans make mistakes, especially if many steps are involved or tasks happen infrequently. But if certain types of mistake are made over and over, chances are that your Spitfire system itself can help to prevent them. Spitfire can also simplify many of those tasks that are time-consuming and prone to error!

In this webinar, showcasing real-life client examples, we address the following types of errors/tasks:

  • Forgetting to enter info on a Compliance tab
  • Forgetting to attach a valid file on Project Setup
  • Having to “unbundle” Change Items
  • Forgetting to enter units on POs
  • Taking too long to create an estimate workbook
  • And more…!