June 2020 – In and Out With Excel

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In and Out with Excel

Our Spitfire Project Management System has long had a functional relationship with Microsoft Excel. As Spitfire users, you know that BFA, SOV and the Period Distribution workbooks are in Excel. But you haven’t really harnessed the power of Excel until you start using Excel supplemental workbooks and import templates to get data into and out of Spitfire. It is time to show you all that you can be doing with Excel workbooks.

During this webinar, we go over what is possible with Excel and go over the tools and support available to you right now.  We:

  • Explain when an Excel workbook is not a real workbook.
  • Give examples of workbooks that take data out of Spitfire.
  • Give examples of workbooks that put data into Spitfire.
  • Talk about bi-directional templates
  • Include client case studies
  • And more…