KBA-01799: Chromium Browser Console Logs


How do I get and send logs from my Chrome browser?
How do I get and send logs from my Edge browser?


To get a log, you typically want something you can reproduce on demand.

Here is one way:

  1. If at all possible, start with a tab (Project Dashboard, Document, etc.) that you just opened.
  2. Click on any white space and choose “Inspect”  (CTRL+SHIFT+I).
  3. With the Chromium Devtools open, select Console (across the top).  If there are existing lines, clear them by clicking the “clear” icon.
  4. Switch back on your page/tab, go to the end of the address bar (on top) and hit ENTER. This is *not* the same as the refresh button; this does a full page reload, this time with Chromium DevTools open.
  5. Reproduce your symptom.
  6. Find the DevTools Console again. (You can repeat CTRL+SHIFT+I if necessary to bring it to the foreground.)
  7. Right mouse-click on any line in the Console output and choose Save As.

    Save As on Context Menu

    Chromium Console Context Menu

  8. Ideally, name the file with your case number.  The log file will be saved in the user’s Downloads folder by default
  9. Send the log file to support.

KBA-01799; Last updated: June 11, 2021 at 12:07 pm