Default Route Status on Manual Routes


I know that predefined routes can specify the default route status (Pending, CC’d or Pending Any) for each route row, but we often add routees to documents manually. Could there be a way to set those statuses to CC by default?


Yes, in V2020+. A new RouteConfig | DefaultStatus rule allows you to set the route status that will appear by default for manually added route rows (in addition to setting the default on the Build Route dialog box*). In addition, if no rule is explicitly added, Spitfire will use the same route status as the route immediately prior.

*See How to Configure the Default Route Status for the Build Route Option.

For Manually Added Routes:

The DefaultStatus rule accepts these codes as the result value: P (for Pending), C (for CC’d), and G (for Pending Any).

The result of the above would be:

For Predefined Routes:

As was mentioned in the original question, route statuses can also be set for predefined routes directly in the Routes tool.