KBA-01015: Why do I get a FileNotFoundException for SpitfireBase.DLL when I launch the Spitfire dashboard?


When I launch the Spitfire Dashboard on certain workstations, I get a dialog with a FileNotFoundException indicating that file or assembly name SpitfireBase.DLL, or one of its dependencies, was not found.  How can I fix this?


Resolution #1:

Check that your Execute Permissions option for your Spitfire Virtual Directory in your Internet Information Server (IIS) is set to Scripts only.  If you set this option to Scripts and Executables, the above error will occur.

Resolution #2:

Check the shortcut that launches the dashboard.  You may be loading the dashboard from a location that does not also have the supporting DLLs.  Normally, the dashboard is loaded via HTTP using ClickOnce deployment from the Spitfire Application website.  Microsoft ClickOnce copies the supporting runtime to the local workstation automatically and keeps the local copies up-to-date.  This symptom is therefore associated with manual configurations, perhaps on a terminal server.

At some point, usually before the full trust relationship was established, a user might have copied or downloaded the sfDash.exe to their local hard drive, perhaps even the desktop.  Launching this copy of sfDash will likely cause a FileNotFoundException when sfDash attempts to load addtional code libraries.

Occasionally, Microsoft ClickOnce encounters an error.  Spitfire offers a tool to help reset the ClickOnce deployment cache.  Install this tool http://deploy.spitfiremanagement.com/clickOnce/clickAgain/publish.htm

Additional Comments:

In manual deployments, the messages might also reference UtilityToolkit.DLL or any of several other DLLs. If all workstations are affected and receive this message, check the Execute Permissions setting in the IIS Virtual Directory properties.  The correct value is Scripts Only.

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