KBA-01027: Why is the Account Category lookup on my Project Change Orders blank?


When I create a Change Order document, the lookup for my Account Categories is blank. Why?


sfPMS includes only those Account Categories that have been designated for Change Orders in the Account Category Lookup in Microsoft Dynamics SL (if you are integrated) or the Account Categories tool (if you are not integrated).

To indicate that an Account Category is used on Change Orders on Integrated Sites:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics SL, open Account Category Maintenance in the Project Controller module.
  2. In the Change Orders field, select Yes.
  3. Save your changes.

If the Change Orders field is not visible (in the Account Category Switches section), contact your Microsoft Dynamics SL System Administrator. The Change Orders field is a Spitfire customization to the Account Category Maintenance (PA.ACC.00) screen.

To add Account Categories on non-Integrated Sites:

  1. Go to the Account Categories tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Add rows for each Account Category you want used in the system.
  3. Accept each row and save.

Additional Comments:

All of Spitfire‘s Microsoft Dynamics SL customizations are distributed as Supplemental Product VBA customizations.

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