KBA-01028: Why do my clients get the message that Spitfire Extensions are not available?


My clients get the message ‘Spitfire Extensions not available, contact your system administrator‘ when they attempt to start an Microsoft Dynamics SL screen from the Spitfire dashboard.  How come?


If you see this message, the dashboard has detected that the client does not have the Spitfire Dynamics SL Extension COM object installed (and registered in the system registry).  Normally, the user would be asked for permission to install the required component–but the file SFSpitfireExtensionClientSetup.msi was not found in the Microsoft Dynamics SL install. Spitfire is a dotNET application; Microsoft Dynamics SL is a COM application.  The client must have a pair of COM enabled DLLs installed to perform the interop necessary.  Most of Spitfire is ‘zero touch deployed‘; these COM objects require specific installation the first time they are used.

Additional Comments:

The actual installation is performed via HTTP from the CABS folder of the sfPMS application.

This MSI says it requires .NET 2.x.   This requirement can be satisfied by  .NET 3.5 (latest service pack recommended).

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