KBA-01074: Linking to a file in Sharepoint


How do I link to a file in Sharepoint rather than catalog a copy of the file?


In short, avoid using the Browse button on the Add Files dialog.  Instead:

  1. Open another copy of Internet Explorer and ‘browse‘ for the file link that you want to catalog.
  2. Open the Spitfire Add Files window and change to the File tab page.
  3. In the Sharepoint Internet Explorer window, click on the link, hold down the mouse button, drag the mouse to the Add Files dialog and release.

If you use the Add Files Browse button, you will OPEN the file and Spitfire will catalog a copy of the file at this point in time — just as it does if the file had been on your hard drive instead of Sharepoint.

Additional Comments:

The Windows UI associates the OPEN action with a file you select using a browse file dialog.  This is true for all file browse dialogs, including all versions of Microsoft Office, even Office 2003 that provides a browse dialog that presents the file list in a more Sharepoint-specific layout.

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