KBA-01085: Confidential Documents


How does the Confidential flag affect access to a Spitfire document?


  1. A document with the Confidential option selected is only accessible by those to whom it has been explicitly routed. The Confidential flag therefore effectively cancels the generic Document Page READ permission.  For example, if you grant Betty in Accounting permission to read all Messages documents, but the Project Manager creates a confidential Messages doc and routes it to several individuals, excluding Betty, then Betty will NOT be able to open the confidential document.
  2. Files on the confidential document can only be viewed/opened by the people on the route. To continue our example, Betty would not be able to look at the attached files, even from the Catalog or project Files part.
  3. Additionally, the routing drop-down menu on confidential documents is disabled for everyone except the creator of the document.  This mean no other people can be added to the route unless the document creator adds them. All other editing of the document follows the standard collaborator rules.

Additional Comments:

NOTE: A user with ‘special‘ permission on the SYS | Global Access capability can access confidential documents. By default, when you make a document confidential, all file attachments on the document are also marked confidential at the same time.

KBA-01085;  Last updated: June 13, 2017 at 12:39 pm;