KBA-01111: How ICTool Configures Report Server


What does ICTool do to my Report Server?


When you click the Configure button on the Report Server tab in ICTool, the following actions are performed:

  1. The base folder is verified using the name you specified and created if necessary.
  2. The name of the base folder is saved to xsfConfig.
  3. If necessary, the General folder is created inside the base folder.  If the folder is created, the Everyone group is granted access to the folder.
  4. If necessary, the _Library folder is created inside the base folder.
  5. If necessary, the ReportHeader.GIF resources is created inside the _Library folder.
  6. If necessary, the sfDocSys Data Source is created inside the _Library folder.

Additional Comments:

Note: the Configure button does not overwrite any prior configuration.  This allows you to customize your data source and/or Report Header without worrying about having them overwritten by Spitfire.  Should you need to restore the defaults, delete the existing items from report server and then click the Configure button. Additional folders are created during the report upload.

KBA-01111; Last updated: November 10, 2016 at 11:53 am;