KBA-01123: Finding Cataloged Documents and Files by Vendor or Customer


How can I find a document or file in the Catalog when I know the vendor (or customer), but am not sure of the specific Contact that was associated with the document or file?


  1. Go to the Catalog Dashboard.
  2. Choose to find Documents, Files or both.
  3. Use the Company lookup filter.  Note: you cannot use the Contact filter at the same time.
    1. At the lookup window, check All Filters to reveal the optional filters.
    2. Enable the Source filter and select Vendor or Customer.
    3. Click Refresh
    4. Select a Company.
  4. Optionally, use the Scope drop-down to limit the Company to ‘From‘, ‘Responsible‘, ‘Source Contact‘ or ‘To‘
  5. Use the Company Wide checkbox to expand the search to all Contacts within the same company.

All files and documents associated with any Contact in the specified Company will be listed.

Additional Comments:

If the Customer or Vendor you are searching for does not appear in the Source lookup, contact your System Administrator. If the Private or the Organization Level flags are in use on Contact records, you may not have permissions to see all Contacts.

KBA-01123; Last updated: October 13, 2016 at 9:42 am;