KBA-01370: Creating a Commitment or CCO from an RFQ


How do I create a Commitment or CCO from an RFQ?
When does the system create a CCO from an RFQ?


When it is time to take an awarded RFQ (Request for Quote) and create the next document in the workflow, the system decides if the next document should be a Commitment or a CCO based upon whether or not the RFQ is already associated with an existing Commitment.  Obviously, if the RFQ is associated with a specific Commitment, a CCO will be created.  Otherwise, a Commitment will be created.

If the RFQ is not part of a Change Order workflow:

You can select to Create New Commitment/CCO from the Document Options menu on an RFQ if

  • The RFQ has its status set to Awarded
  • You have permission to create Commitments/CCOs

If the RFQ is part of a Change Order workflow:

If you created the RFQ from a Change Order Item (Budget Entries window), you should not use the Create Next menu option from the RFQ.
Note: the Special permission on the DOC | Change Order linking role capability allows you to override this restriction.

RFQs that are created as part of a Change Order are processed automatically when the Change Item expenses are posted:

  • Unawarded RFQs with a value (i.e., not $0.00) are automatically awarded.
  • CCO documents are automatically created from the RFQs.
    Note: CCOs are created for each Commitment being changed.  If two or more RFQs on the Change Order are linked to the same Commitment, only one CCO document will be created from those RFQs.
  • The CCOs are automatically approved.

If you do not want a particular RFQ to be processed, you should change its status to Canceled, Declined to Bid or Rejected before posting the Change Item expenses.

Additional Comments:

For more information, see the Change Order Management  white paper and the ‘RFQ‘ chapter in the Focus on Doc Types and Project Workflow guide or the Focus on Documents, Items and Project Workflow guide.

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