KBA-01178: COM Exception (0x80070483) When Sending Faxes


Spitfire is unable to send faxes.  The event log includes ‘System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070483): Operation failed.‘


This problem is usually caused by the inability to find an application that will ‘print‘ the file to the fax device.

  1. Run sfATC in console mode.
  2. Turn on verbose mode.
  3. Route a document to a fax recipient.
  4. Observe the name of the file being faxed – it should end in .doc or .htm.  Verify support for any other extensions with Spitfire Support.
  5. STOP sfATC after the error.  This should leave the file in the sfATC temp folder for testing.
  6. On the sfATC, open a command window (START | RUN | CMD).
  7. Type ASSOC and the file extension (e.g. ASSOC .doc) and observe the result.  This indicates if the system has an application associated with the file type, for example:


  8. Use Windows Explorer to find the temp folder and double click on the file.  It should open correctly in the associated application.
  9. Print the file from the associated application.
  10. Once any issues performing these steps are resolved, the file should fax successfully.
  11. Restart the sfATC service.

Additional Comments:

If console mode works but service mode does not, check for domain permission issues.  It may be necessary to change the identity used by the sfATC service.See also KBA-01279.Note: This KBA predominately applies to legacy versions of sfPMS only.  sfPMS no longer uses Word automation.  The concept of using console mode to determine if a problem manifests only when run as a service remains a useful troubleshooting tool.

KBA-01178; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 13:29 pm;
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