KBA-01160: Dashboard Tabs are broken; Links contain a ~


Clicking on a link to another Dashboard fails with the message that ‘the resource cannot be found‘.  When I place my cursor over the tab and look at the link in the Status Bar, the link contains a tilde (~)(eg …/sfPMS/~/dcmodules/…).


Replace <Item> and </Item> tags in SiteConfig.xml with <ItemName> and </ItemName>.

Examine the XML file for other structural issues. Any error loading the file can cause this symptom.

Note: Refer to KBA-01279 for information on Customizing the SiteConfig.xml file.

Additional Comments

Moving from .NET Framework 1.1 to .NET Framework 2.0 required changing all <Item> tags to <ItemName>.

KBA-01160; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:44 pm;
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