KBA-01299: Knowing which Part(s) to Configure for a Doc Type


I am configuring Items in my RFI Doc Type, but am not sure which Doc Item Detail part to use.  Is it Doc Item Detail because the others are just for specific Doc Types (e.g. Doc Item Detail – CCO is just used by CCO)?


Often, Parts in the UI Configuration tool (on the System Admin Dashboard) do correspond to the Doc Types mentioned in the name, so Doc Item Detail – CCO is indeed used by the CCO Doc Type.  However, there are a few Doc Types that do use parts that are named for a different Doc Type. Use the table below to find which Parts are used by which Doc Types.  You‘ll see that you should use Doc Item Detail – Commitment when configuring the Details for the Items tab on an RFI doc type.


Part Is used by
Budget Targets Budget and Forecast, Change Order and Proposed
DOC A&R All doc types
Doc Address Any doc type with Addr tab
Doc Alerts Any doc type with Alerts tab
Doc Attendee Any doc type with Attendees tab
Doc Attributes Any doc type with Attributes tab
Doc Compliance Any doc type with Compliance tab
Doc Dates Any doc type with Dates tab
Doc Detail All doc types except those mentioned below
Doc Detail – CCO CCO
Doc Detail – CO Change Order and PCO
Doc Detail – Commitment Commitment
Doc Detail – Payment Request Payment Request
Doc Detail – Project Contract Project Contract
Doc Header – Standard All doc types except those mentioned below
Doc Header – CO/CCO Change Order, CCO, and Pay Request

Doc Header – Commitment

Doc Inclusion Any doc type with Incl/Excl tab
Doc Item Budget Change Order
Doc Items Any doc type with an Items (CI) tab
Doc Item Detail All doc types except those mentioned below
Doc Item Detail – CCO CCO
Doc Item Detail – CO Change Order
Doc Item Detail – Commitment Commitment and RFI
Doc Item Detail – Commitment Receipt Receipt
Doc Item Detail – Pay Request Pay Request
Doc Item Detail – Project Contract Project Contract and Bid
Doc More Any doc type with More tab
Doc Notes Any doc type with Notes tab
Doc Tabs All doc types
Inbox Home Dashboard
Project COR Inquiry Project Dashboard
Project Cost Analysis Project Dashboard
Project Doc List Project Dashboard
Project Exec Summary Executive Dashboard
Project KPI Project Dashboard
Project Team Project Dashboard


Additional Comments:

This table can also be found in an Appendix of the Focus on System Administration guide.

For Doc Types created by your site, review KBA-01055 and KBA-01279 along with the <DocTypeConfig> entries in page.config and siteconfig.xml.  These entries can specify what parts are loaded by your Doc Type.

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