KBA-01170: Change a column label in the Project Lookup


In the Project Lookup, how can I change the Address2 field label to Floor?


Add the following script to Site_Wrapup.sql

UPDATE dbo.xsfLookupField
      SET label = Floor, WParamLabel= Floor
 WHERE  LookupFieldKey in (‘EEDA3CAE-151F-4C3F-974A-A202C2B45E6A‘,‘313B15C1-6534-4484-9282-AE3A82CC3F07‘)
      AND label <> Floor

Additional Comments:

See KBA-01137 for more information on Site_Wrapup.sqlNumerous customizations to lookups are possible — ask your implementor about the Spitfire Lookup Editor.

KBA-01170; Last updated: October 27, 2016 at 12:28 pm;