KBA-01186: Exchange Server is not relaying email from Spitfire


When Spitfire routes an email to a routee, the relay of email through the Exchange server does not work.


Spitfire sends the email to the SMTP service that you designate in the Spitfire Configuration Tool (ICTool.exe). Your exchange server needs to accept the email and relay it on to the recipient. If you are having problems setting up your Exchange Server to relay these messages, Microsoft has a KB article that steps you through a troubleshooting process:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/895853/en-us#22

In ICTool on the SMTP tab, there is a test button.  This button tests the ability to connect to the SMTP service and send a message from the “Mail From” to the “Errors To”  address AND support@spitfiremanagement.com.  It is extremely unlikely that sfATC and sfPMS will be able to send email unless this tests works.  However, this test is not in itself a guarantee that sfATC and sfPMS will be able to send email.  ICTool is an interactive application that is likely running in a Microsoft Windows session with administrative credentials.  The SMTP service may allow outbound relay on the strength of those credentials.   sfATC and sfPMS run as services, often using ‘Network Service‘ credentials.   If you choose, you can run these services using a set of domain credentials and configure those credentials with permission to relay.

Additional Comments:

Spitfire does not support authenticated SMTP sessions using plain text passwords.For troubleshooting, try TELENET OPEN <smpt-server-name> <port> and issue the ehlo and then helo commands.  Verify that STARTTLS is offered as an option and that the name of the SMTP server specified in ICTOOL on the SMTP tab exactly  matches the name in response to the HELO 250.  TLS negotiation WILL FAIL unless these names match! (The client will assume it has reached the wrong server).Finally, if you create domain credentials for the web application and/or TLS, then this Exchange mailbox must list the ATC mailbox as one of the email addresses associated with the account, or you will see the error ‘Client does not have permissions to send as this sender‘.

KBA-01186; Last updated: July 24, 2018 at 16:50 pm;
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