KBA-01188: Customer Status Notification


If a customer is inactive or on credit hold, how can I alert users when they are opening a new project?


Spitfire provides a CustomerBlock rule that will display a message when a customer‘s status meets your rules settings.

To add a Customer Block rule:

  1. On the System Admin Dashboard, select the Rule Maintenance tool.
  2. Locate the CustomerBlock rule group
  3. Click  to view details for the CustomerBlock rule group
  4. Click  to add a new CustomerBlock rule.
  5. For the rule name,
    1. Enter the word Status followed by a hyphen and the Spitfire DocStatus code for Customer (if not integrated) or the Microsoft Dynamics LS customer status (if integrated) for the status that you‘d like to block. Microsoft Dynamics SL supports the following codes:
      A (for Active), H (for Admin Hold), I (for Inactive) and O (for One time)
      So, for example, the rule could be Status-A, Status-H, Status-I or Status-O OR
    2. Enter the word Reject followed by a hyphen and the Reason code (as defined in the Code Maintenance tool) desired,
      for example, Reject-H, Reject-I, etc.
  6. Filter Value is not used by this rule.
  7. In Result Value, enter the text for the message that you want to appear.  If you want the message to be a warning message, begin with the word WARNING.

KBA-01188; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 12:08 pm;
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