KBA-01206: sfATC starts as a Service, but shuts down quickly


Spitfire Automated Task Controller (sfATC) runs in Console Mode, but when trying to run as a Service, it shuts down almost immediately. How can I prevent this? In the Event Log, the following error message is displayed:

EventType clr20rw. P1 sfatc.exe, P21.1.2425.25245, P3 44eb5490, P4 spitfire.atcsupport, P5 1.0.2425.25245, P6 44eb548b, P7 1e, P8 3c, P9 system.nullreferenceexception, P10 NIL. 


In Services, check the Target for the sfATC service.  If the Target is set to the …/InstallBase/sfATC/sfATC.exe, you will need to uninstall the service and reinstall.  sfATC‘s Target path should be your sfATC folder (not the sfATC folder in your InstallBase folder). The default path for sfATC is c:/program files/sfATC/sfATC.exe.

Uninstall the service:

  1. Be sure the sfATC is not running in Services.
  2. In the DOS command window, run   SC DELETE SFATC

To re-install the service:

  • In the Spitfire Configuration Tool, on the sfATC tab, select Install as a Service.Alternate Method:  To manually install, copy ATSERVICE.bat from ../InstallBase/Config/data to ../spitfire/sfact folder and double-click ATSERVICE.bat to install the service.

KBA-01206; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 14:11 pm;
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