KBA-01199: “Only files of type .DOC can be uploaded” error


When loading a Bookmark Template into the Templates tool (on the System Admin or Manage Dashboard), I‘m browsing to a Microsoft Word document with the .doc or .docx extension, but I‘m still getting the error message: ‘Only files of type .DOC/ .DOCX can be uploaded.‘ Why?


Check your path to your template.  If it contains a . (period) anywhere except in front of the file extension, that is most likely the cause of your problem.  For example, if you have the file on your Desktop, the path could be: C:Documents and Settingsfirstname.lastnameDesktop. The . between your firstname and lastname is the problem. Create a folder with a simple path, for example, c:temp and copy your document template file into that folder. Try uploading again.

KBA-01199; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 14:12 pm;
Keywords:  Bookmark Doc Templates