KBA-01367: Using the Image Stapler as an alternative to Batch Separator Sheets


Is there any alternative to separator sheets in Batch Scanning?


Yes.  Spitfire provides a tool that can be use to process a single TIF file with many, many page and quickly sift through the file to virtually ‘staple‘ pages together. For example, you scan a pile of 130 sheets from 48 mixed, multipage documents into a single TIF file. Using this tool, you end up with 48 smaller TIF files, each with the pages from a single document. This Spitfire Image Stapler can be installed from http://www.spitfiremanagement.com/StaplerTool_v2p1/publish.htm. When you run the Image Stapler, you will be asked for a source TIF file and a target folder.

The Spitfire Image Stapler includes a help screen and can be operated using the numeric keypad.

  • The + key moves the top page from the right to the left
  • The key backs up a page
  • The ENTER key creates a new TIF for the pages on the left hand side, then moves the top sheet from the right to left to start the next document.

Additional Comments:

Many sites that use this tool find a hybrid approach best: they sort all the single page documents into one pile, and place all the multipage documents into a second pile. The single page documents are then processed directly without using the Image Stapler. This tool is provided by Spitfire, but is just a TIF file tool.  It does not correspond to a specific version of Spitfire.

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