KBA-01413: Workflow Script Error: SET references invalid field


What causes the error: SET references invalid field?
What causes the error Expression references invalid table name


These errors are caused by a syntax error in the script, most frequently by a missing equal sign or unexpected period. The proper syntax is ATC: SET table.field = value. For example, ATC: SET DUE = [DV_DocHeader_ProjectFinsihDate].

Invalid Field

If the = were omitted above, the error would be SET references invalid field – DocMasterDetail.DUE [DV_DocHeader_ProjectFinishDate].  Note the table name was correctly resolved, but the system ‘ran together‘ the field name and value because the = was missing.

To correct the problem, include the = in your ATC: SET command.

Expression references invalid table name

The command ATC: SET LOCATION = N. Main St. would cause this error. If the right side of the command includes a period, then the script interpreter expects table.field.  A period used for other reasons can cause this error. Avoid periods in string constants in the first 32 characters or be certain that there is one or more spaces before the period.  (So N. Main is a problem, but 123 N. Main St. is not because of the space after 123!)

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For more information about workflow scripts, see Overview of the Workflow Scripts Tool and Index of ATC commands.

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