KBA-01478: POP Inbound Queue Tool


Can I inspect email in the inbound ATC POP queue without disrupting anything?


Use this tool: http://deploy.spitfiremanagement.com/sfATCPopTool/sfATCPopTool.application

This tool is intended for general inbound email troubleshooting.

The utility can

  • Read the ATC site configuration file
  • Test the connection to the POP server
  • Show you the inbox contents (defaults to first 300)
  • Allow you to peak at the plain text in the email
  • Delete individual emails (right click after highlighting a row)
  • Prune the inbox
  • Old delivery delay notices
  • Undeliverable notices from a certain server

Additional Comments:

Theoretically, any email client application can be used (such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail).  When configuring these applications, be sure to use the ‘leave mail on server‘ option.

KBA-01478; Last updated: June 26, 2022 at 23:52 pm;
Keywords:  pop tool;inbox tool;pop peek